Euro-Dollar Analysis, October 17th 2012 (English Language)

Hello traders,

find attached the video-review for the Euro FX currency futures contract for today:

Price dynamics in the Euro confirmed that the next intermediate swing higher has actually started two weeks ago from 1.2820 and price is continuing on the upside towards the previous relative high at 1.3172. A gap higher materialized and could still be closed. If it were to be the case, the Euro has support in the 1.3070 (according to current highs), in line with a gap closure.

However I am anticipating a continued move higher towards and above recent highs.

This morning I have posted a new trade (adding to the existing position) at 1.3115 adding to the long  trade opened yesterday. You will find all the information on the page related to the list of trades and in the Model Portfolios Performance page.

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