New Setup for the Euro FX currency futures – ADD (English Language)

Dear traders,

this morning I have added to the position opened yesterday in the the Swing Trading Model Portfolio. Hereunder are the details:

BUY 6EZ12 at 1.3115, stop-loss 1.3048, 1st target at 1.3480, with further potential to 1.3610 and 1.3820-30

Hereunder is my twit at 10.10AM Italian time (GMT+1)

The reward/risk ratio of this trade comes at 5.45, which is not too bad. I will look for opportunities to add if price gets above the 1.3280 level (previous highs).

Cash/Hedge Model Portfolio

No changes we are in a long to 1.3830 hopefully.

I have updated the Model Portfolios Performance with the result of the last short trade and the list of trades.

Have a great day


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