Closed Trades and New Setup for the Euro FX currency futures (English Language)

Dear trader,

this morning I have closed the long trades on all portfolios and opened a short trade on the Swing Trading Model Portfolios (I will only trade the Cash/Hedge Model Portfolio in the direction of the weekly chart/long-term timeframe). Hereunder are the details of closed trades:

Closed Trades – All Model Portfolios

Exited all the trades as per my twit at 8.24 AM Italian time (GMT+1) below:

  • Swings exited at 1.3066 on 6E
  • Cash/Hedge position exited at 1.30635 on EUR/USD cash forex


Swing Trading Model Portfolios

I opened a new short after failing the line in the sand mentioned in today’s video at 1.3056. Hereunder the details:

SELL 6EZ12 at 1.3057, stop-loss 1.3111, 1st target at 1.2830, with further potential targets at 1.2630

Hereunder are my twits at 8.46 AM and 9.03 AM (adjusted stops and # of contracts) Italian time (GMT+1)

At 4.20 the reward/risk ratio is good. I will try to add to the swing short in the coming days.

I will updated the Model Portfolios Performance with the result of the last short trade and the list of trades in the weekend.

Have a great week end.


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