Closed Swing Short Position and new Long Setup (English Language)

Dear traders,

this morning the stop on our Swing Short Position was hit at 1.2937.

Yesterday afternoon I have lowered the stop at 3:13PM Italian time (GMT+1) hereunder is my corresponding tweet:

We are currently flat and the Swing Trading Portfolios are showing the following performance:

  • Conservative Portfolio: +1.95%
  • Moderate Portfolio: +2.86%
  • Aggressive Portfolio: +3.73%

Tomorrow I expect a new long setup for Swing Trading and Cash/Hedge Model Portfolios to trigger.

The setup is provided  in the below picture (click to enlarge):

Trading Plan for Swing Trading Euro FX currency futures - Oct 31st 2012

Trading Plan for Swing Trading Euro FX currency futures – Oct 31st 2012

I will send a brief video to my newsletter subscribers with a detailed analysis about this setup.

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Thank you in advance for subscribing should you decide to do so. Lots of other people are doing the same.

If you intend using the information provided in this post and in my blog for your trading please do your own diligence, find the advice of a trading professional and trade at your own responsibility. The information provided here is for educational purpose only. Please read the Disclaimer and accept all the risks. Thank you.

Have a great evening.


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