Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior in a world of Program Trading (English Language)

Dear all,

Few weeks ago I have planned a new project, an eBook entitled “Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior – A guide to relevant concepts for trading success in a market governed by High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Program Trading“.

This eBook focuses on the most important concepts any trader should internalize in order to show a correct trading behavior in a world where the majority of trading volume is generated by computer programs. So far I have written:

I have almost finished the sections of the eBook and will keep working on it. Notice that I am also working on the most important section that will illustrate a practical application of  the Bandwagon Theory to the daily chart of the EUR/USD forex cross. That information is invaluable to understand the psychology of the market and I believe it can make a big difference in your trading. I will keep you informed.

If you are in the trading business for some time, you have already realized that trading success is all about beliefs and psychology. The concepts I am going to present in my eBook are counter-intuitive, and probably this is why it is meaningful to analyze , understand and internalize them carefully. A deep understanding of those concepts also shows where the real opportunities lie.

If you are new to trading understanding the content of my eBook will allow you start with the right foot and will put you ahead of 95% of the other traders, both human and computerized.

They key concepts discussed in my eBook are:

“Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior” eBook

  • The Bandwagon Theory
  • The Psychology of Trading: the Bandwagon Theory illustrated (will only be published in the eBook)
  • The Danger of Asking “Why?”
  • Facts and “Truth” Do Not Make Money
  • Professionals Trade People’s Psychology and Not the Markets (published it in my December 9th Newsletter)

If you like this work, please, let me have your feedback and share it with friends and fellow traders. Thank you.

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