“Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior” eBook

Hello dear readers,

an update on my eBook. This free eBook (and being free it could mistakenly be thought as if of no value) is still not out. I have explained the reasons in my free newsletter (you can subscriber here). Basically I have been involved in my latest article for SIAT (www.siat.org), the Italian chapter of IFTA (www.ifta.org) and throughout all February 2012 I will be taking part to the ‘Technical Analyst of the Year 2013’ in Italy.

For these reasons I will publish the eBook in May 2013. Relatively few people care about the right trading behavior that we all should carefully study and adopt, in a world where 30% to 75% of trading volume is generated by High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Algorithmic Trading (AT) techniques and systems.

However even fewer people and traders realize how different the trading environment is nowadays and how important is to internalize the correct trading behaviors in these difficult times. Plus, trading like a machine can really give traders an edge.

Here you go, this is it. “Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior – A guide to relevant concepts for trading success in a market governed by High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Program Trading”.

You can read here an introduction to the series of articles that inspired the eBook.

"Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior" eBook

“Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior” eBook

Available for free in May 2013 on the Blog: http://www.fibonaccistalking.com

Thank you for your interest (even you don’t fully understand what this is all about!).
Dott. Ing. Giuseppe Basile, MAFI, technical analyst, SIAT member and trader

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