Dec 20th, 2012 FibStalker View on Stocks (English Language)


hereunder is the last review on the stocks I feature in my FibStalker View on Stocks I have started a few weeks ago last year in December, on Dec 20th Mid-Week Update to my Newsletter subscribers. I will normally publish this information reviews 8 days after they are shared with subscribers. The FibStalker View on Stocks review offers insights into stocks trading, setups and target information for the list of stocks I currently follow on my Blog. This is an ever growing list and so if you trade any of them it is good to get the information timely. To do that you can register my free Newsletter, it only take 10 seconds.

The current list includes: AAPL, ACN, BAC, BIDU, C, F, HPQ, NFLX e RIMM. Hereunder is the review I have published on December the 20th:

‘This week I will briefly review AAPL, ACN, BAC(w), BIDU(w), C, F(w), HPQ(w), NFLX(w) and RIMM(w). The stocks with a (w=watch) after the ticker are stocks you want to closely monitor because they can offer opportunities in the coming days. You can review the last video-analysis and plans for the stocks using the provided links on the right of the stock ticker.
Hope you will enjoy this new section. Please spend time to study the setups and review the video-analysis to understand how I analyze price.

AAPL (last analyzed on November 19th, 2012)
Stock traded resistance at 594.50, an extension short, since the beginning of December, 2012. It now has support at 507.50; Program Trading is going to get neutral above 559.50. Otherwise we have targets below at 479 and then 443.

ACN (last analyzed on November 26th, 2012)
On the longer-term timeframe this stock has a support in the 55 area with a first target at 71 (hit already) and a second target at 79.30. On the daily chart we can see a support level at 64.40 with targets at 75.30. On the short-term we have support at 69.65 with targets at 71.60 and 72.70.

BAC (last analyzed on November 29th, 2012)
The stock has long-term support at 7.50 with targets at 11.30 (hit on Dec, 18 2012) and second target at 13.20. There is a strong level of resistance at 12.40 good for partial profits.
Next setup long is at the 10.80 with targets at 11.50, 12 and into the larger 12.40 resistance level.

BIDU (last analyzed on December 11th, 2012)
The profit taking reaction in this stock started around 86 at the beginning of Dec, 2012. We broke shorts on the daily chart and every pullbacks in this stock should now be bought with and I anticipate stops below 90.90 will be respected. It is possible for the stock to pull-back into 94.30 but we cannot count on this. The next important resistance level and profit taking level is at 110.30.
For this stock I proposed a nice forecast of price action which can be reviewed here.

C (last analyzed on December 10th, 2012)
The stock has long-term resistance at 37.80 and this area has been tested three times in 2012. Now price is piercing into the area of resistance and bulls will be in control on the weekly timeframe is the 41.80 level will be violated on the upside. Support on the daily chart has been witnessed at the 34 level with a first target at 40.90 and second target 44.50. Partial profits should be taken out at the 41.80 but, above this level, I anticipation a continuation higher.

F (last analyzed on December 17th, 2012)
The stock has long-term support at 10, long-term resistance at 13.90 and it is in a confirmed rally on the daily chart. Support was at 10.45 level with targets at 12.10 and 13 levels. On the shorter timeframe the 11 support and long entry area traded to the tick and offering two additional closer targets: 12 and 12.50. I anticipate the 13 level to trade (previous highs) and then we could see a reaction lower into the next support and long entry area at 12.30. This further setup would see program trading taking partial profits at 13.30 and then bring prices into the 13.90 long-term resistance level.

HPQ (last analyzed on November 27th, 2012)
The stock is moving higher as expected but did not respect the 14.40 resistance area. The stock is still moving according to Scenario 1 of Nov 27th video-analysis and we should see a continuation higher into the longer-term resistance level at 16.40. We could still see a reaction lower into the 13.90 extension support with targets at 15.30 and 16.

NFLX (last analyzed on December 5th, 2012)
The stock traded the 74.30 area and long entry specified in the analysis and traded to 90 first target and went above the 91.30 level to trade all the way to the second target at the 98 area. The stock is right into a short area and must keep trading in extensions longs if price is to continue higher. This means that the next support level at 91.40 must be respected and price should not pierce the 89.70 on the downside. Below that level the stock can retest the 75.40 area.
If 91.40 holds price has targets above at 100.70 and 105.60. Above 103.10 bulls are in control on the larger weekly timeframe and price could get back to the 133 and even 179 resitance levels.

RIMM (last analyzed on November 20th, 2012)
The stock rallied into the 13.95 level as anticipated and offered an extension long at 10.30 with first target at 12.90 (hit already), but it could not make it into the second target at the 14.30 (due to the resitance area at 13.95). Now there are two levels where the stock could pull-back to. The first and most probable one is 13.20-25 (with a stop below 12.90), while a deeper correction would bring price into the 11.40 support and long entry level (with a stop below 10.60). In the first case targets would be at 14.72 and then at 15.50 and into 15.75. In the second case the targets would be 15.75 and then 17.70.’

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