Today in my Jan 17th, 2013 Mid-Week Update (English Language)

Hello all,

this is an anticipation of what you will read in today’s Mid-Week Jan 17th Update which is part of my free Sunday Newsletter subscription:

  • This week’s video-analysis collection (English and Italian, watch an example here)
  • Market commentary: Updated Trading Plan for the Euro-Dollar FX futures (watch an example here)
  • Market commentary: Updated Trading Plan for the S&P500 ES e-mini futures (watch an example here)
  • NEW:  Video on Euro-Dollar FX futures and ES e-mini futures trading plans
  • Video-analysis of the Dollar Index, the Euro FX currency futures and the S&P 500 e-mini futures (watch an example here)

I am happy to announce I will start providing a list of the video analysis I published on the Blog, in English and Italian languages, to help subscribers study the progression in my analysis of price dynamics and provide actionable trade setups in the  the Euro FX contract, the S&P500 e-mini contract and the Dollar Index futures. If you miss the videos I publish in the Blog during the week you can catch up in the Mid-Week Update.

I do every effort to offer newsletter content in both English and Italian languages, but at the moment I can only record and write the Mid-Week updates in English language, so I ask the Italian readers and friends to be patient. Anyway, with time I intend to make available the most important content in both languages.

Notice that I will only post Mid-Week Updates to my free newsletter subscriber. Register for free here.

I send my free Newsletter on Sundays along with other information. The newsletter typically includes: a weekly review for the Euro-Dollar cross and the S&P 500 e-mini futures, my FibStalker View on Currencies focusing on the Dollar Index, the Pound (GBP/USD), the Australian Dollar (AUD/USD), the Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD) and the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY), articles on my trading method, market commentaries and HFT/Program Trading, from which I derive my trading edge. Please, register here to receive the free weekly newsletter.

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Thank you in advance for subscribing should you decide to do so. Lots of other people are doing the same.

Thank you

Have a great day.

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