FibStalker View on Stocks, January 13th, 2013 (English Language)


hereunder is the last review on the stocks I featured in my FibStalker View on Stocks sent on January 13th, 2013 to my Newsletter subscribers. I will normally publish this information reviews 8-10 days after they are shared with subscribers. The FibStalker View on Stocks review offers insights into stocks trading, setups and target information for the list of stocks I currently follow on my Blog. This is an ever growing list and today I have added Goldman Sachs (ticker: GS). If you trade stocks or want to learn how to analyze them it is good to get the information I share timely. To do that you can register my free Newsletter, it only take 10 seconds.

The current list includes: AAPL, ACN, BAC, BIDU, C, F, GOOG, GS, HPQ, NFLX e RIMM. Hereunder is the review I have published on January 13th, 2013 (not including GS):

‘This week I continue on this new section where I review a set stocks I am currently following and that you can find on my Blog’s ‘Stocks & ETFs’ page (this is an ever growing list of tickers). I will build upon the first analysis published to my subscribers on December the 20th Mid-Week Update. I plan to add more stocks and I am open to subscribers’ suggestions, with the only constraint that the proposed stocks must be widely followed and highly participated (high daily volume bigger than 1M) for my analysis and trading method to work.

This week I will briefly review AAPL, ACN (w), BAC (w), BIDU (w), C (w), F, HPQ (w), NFLX and RIMM. The stocks with a (w=watch) after the ticker are stocks you want to closely monitor in the coming days because they could offer opportunities in the very short term. You can review the last video-analysis and plans for the stocks using the links provided below on the right of the stock ticker. Hope you will enjoy this new section. Please spend time to study the setups and review the video-analysis to understand how I analyze price.

AAPL (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
Stock traded and confirmed resistance at 594.50, an extension short, since the end of November – beginning of December, 2012. Support at 507.50 indicated in the last review is showing signs of leaking after holding several tests. The stock is at lows while the Nasdaq 100 is at highs, a sign of weakness. New resistance showed up at 547.50 and has now targets below at 479 and then 464. The stock has the potential to get to the 396 area of support.

ACN (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
On the longer-term timeframe this stock has a support in the 55 area with a first target at 71 (already hit) and a second target at 79.30. On the daily chart we had already identified support at 64.40- 64.50 still with a target at 75.30. The 64.50 area of support was not jeopardized by the gap down saw on Dec 20th. In the short-term we could have retracement into the 67.80 area with a stop below 67 (in case the S&P500 retraces into the 1427 area). Notice, however, that price could keep swinging in the 64.50 to 71.50 area in the coming weeks/months before hitting targets above. A position with a stop below 62.50 looks safe.

BAC (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The stock did not hit the second target at 13.20 and has started a retracement in the last 2 weeks apparently without touching the 12.40 resistance level (where partial profits taking was advised). The next long support is at 11.20 with a stop below 10.85. Below such level price could slide into the 9.60 area before resuming the move higher into 12.40 first and then 13.40. For this stock I proposed a nice forecast of price action which I then verified on Dec 18th, 2013. Those were not random levels, but they were rather derived applying the trading rules of my method, based on the observations of the effects of Program Trading on price.

BIDU (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The stock price found support at the 95.80 area. If you followed the advice of buying every pullback given on December 20th, you should now be in a winning position. Next support came at 99.60 hitting first target at 110.50 (on Jan 10th, 2013) and is now heading into the 116.20 area. From that levels do not expect additional strength but rather a correction into the 111.70 area before a continuation higher can start.

C (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The stock had long-term resistance at 37.80 area that was pierced on the third test and bulls are now in control of the weekly timeframe because the 41.80 level has been pierced on the upside. There is now a possibility for this stock to keep trading higher into the 44.40 level before we can see a deeper retracement. If that’s the case the next retracement should in the 41.80 area, if price keeps trading in extension. Should price keep correcting from current levels the two levels of support to watch would be 38.70, with a stop below 37.50 and, should price keep moving lower the 36.20 area with a stop below 34.60 being quite robust.

F (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The stock is in a confirmed rally on the daily chart and has a long-term resistance at 13.90, which is currently being pierced.  On the shorter timeframe the 11 support and long entry setup indicated on Dec 20th hit and went through the two  targets at 12 and 12.50. Since then price keep moving higher in extensions with first support in the 26.30 area (front-runned) and second and current support and long in the 13.30 area. First target at 13.80 was hit already and next target comes at 14.20. After that we could see price keep moving in extensions or a larger retracement to take place, maybe bringing prices into the 13.00 level of support.

HPQ (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The stock is moving higher as expected but did not respect the 14.40 resistance area. The stock kept moving according to  scenario 1 of Nov 27th video-analysis and we saw a continuation higher as anticipated right into the 16.40 long-term area of resistance, which is now being pierced. On the smaller timeframe support was identified in the 13.60 area at the end of 2012 and both targets of such long setup were hit. A second setup with a long entry at 14.40 hit first target at 16.10 and has completed the second target today Jan 14th, 2013 at 16.70. A continuation higher could only come after a retracement either into the 16.35 area with a stop below 16.15 or, below such level, support could be identified at the 15.90 area with a stop below 15.60.

NFLX (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The stock was able to keep moving higher and break the back of the shorts on the weekly timeframe moving above 103.10. Bulls are now in control and price could now get back to the 133 and even the 179 resistance level. The stock moved higher in traditional moves and not extensions as anticipated, trading the 89.60 area of support first, with target at 101.60, and then again trading the 95.20 support with a target at the 104.80. Price is close but did not reach this level just yet. For a continuation higher a deeper retracement seems now needed into the 94.90 area with a stop below 92.40 or, below this level into the 89.80 area with a stop below 86.10.

RIMM (last analyzed on December 20th, 2012)
The resistance in the 13.95 area could not make price into the second target of the setup indicated on Dec 20th, 2012 at the 14.30. Price came quickly down and traded the 10.90 support area, which could only be identified after-the-fact by observation (no limit entry long order could be anticipated there), well below that 11.40 level indicated in the last review. Price is continuing higher and current setup can bring price to targets at 15.80, above that 15.75 level mentioned in the past. Above 15.75 bulls will be in control of this market with the potential of bringing price up to 38.20 next resistance level.’

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