Last week’s (Jan 21st, 2013) FibStalker View on Currencies (English Language)


hereunder is the weekly review of currencies pair in my FibStalker View on Currencies I have released last week on Sunday, January 21st Newsletter issue to my subscribers. I normally publish these video reviews 8-10 days later. The FibStalker View on Currencies video offers insights into the next week’s trading, including setups for the Dollar Index and 4 forex pairs: GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD and USD/JPY, so if you trade them it is good to get the information timely. The Newsletter is free and you can register here.

You can find the previous FibStalker View on Currencies videos in my Blog’s ‘Forex‘ page.

Hereunder are the video I published last week, January the 21st, 2013:

Need to prepare for your trading week or just want to get a different opinion on the financial instruments you follow? Are you new to trading and want to start with the right steps. Do you want to understand more on how I use my method based on measured moves and the proprietary Fibonacci Stalking technique for directional trading of hedging futures, forex and some stocks?

If you want to have access to the content and watch the video reviews as soon as possible, as well as, receive the material every weekend, please subscribe my newsletter. It’s free and you get additional content, comments, setups, e-books, articles, learning material and video-analysis that I don’t make available on my blog. Tonight I am going to send out a special mid-week update for the Euro-Dollar cross, the Dollar Index and the S&P500 index, along with an update on actionable trading plans for the Euro and the S&P500.

Subscribe my free newsletter to get ideas on stocks, forex and futures setups and learn how I do analyze price.

Thank you for subscribing should you decide to do so. Lots of other people are doing the same.

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