Yesterday’s Monday June 10th, 2013 recorded interview with Dale Pinkert

Dear all,

if you have lost my interview with Dale Pinkert yesterday Monday June 10th, 2013 you can find the recorded session below. This week too I have been invited as a guest speaker by Dale Pinkert and we touched on EUR/USD, program trading behavior on S&P500, the Dollar Index, reliable exit points and, of course, market psychology.  The live analysis room is free of charge and it features great content, guests, interviews and real-time market analysis. You can access the room here, or clicking on the below banner:

Dale Pinkert's Live Analysis room

With almost 40 years of experience, Dale got his start in the trading business as a runner on the floor of the CME in 1975. Dale is a remarkable person and trader, and he loves helping traders.

My intervention as a Guest analyst on Monday June 10th, 2013 was recorded and the video can be found hereunder:

Hope you enjoy it. I also recommend you join the Live Analysis Room everyday to take advantage of the fine analysis, education, discussion, jokes and great interviews.

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