Tomorrow in my free Newsletter, June 16th 2013

Hello all,

this is an anticipation of what you will read in my free weekly Newsletter I am going to send out tonight Sunday, June 16th:

  • EDUCATION: details of my interview tomorrow Monday June 17th at Dale Pinkert’s Live Analysis Room
  • EDUCATION: links to previous interview by Dale Pinkert’s on Key Concepts eBook, Program Trading, HFT and the effects and edge they provide, commentary on Euro, Dollar Index and S&P500
  • FUTURES & FOREX – Weekly Review: long-term review of Euro FX, Dollar Index, S&P500 futures and USD/CAD forex pair
  • FUTURES – Market commentary: updated  Trading Plans Euro FX, Dollar Index, S&P500 futures and USD/CAD forex pair
  • EDUCATION: how to trade the 4-hour confirmation breakout type of entry (one of FibStalker’s low risk entries)
  • EDUCATION: get my free eBook “Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior” and related discussions

If you have not yet subscribed my Newsletter, don’t miss great education and action plans that could make you 600-800 pips on the EUR/USD or 130 points in the S&P500! The newsletter it’s free. Please keep reading.

I put every effort I can into offering newsletter content free of mistakes and both in English and Italian languages. However some articles or reviews will only be in English (or Italian) and, from time to time, there will be refuses, so I ask you to be patient. Anyway, with time I will try to have cleaner content available in both languages .

I will only post timely and detailed updates of trading plans in my free newsletter. Register for free here.

Thank you for subscribing should you decide to do so. Lots of other people are doing the same.

If you intend using this information for your trading please do your own due diligence, find the advice of a trading professional and trade at your own responsibility. The information provided is for educational purpose only. Please make sure you have read the Disclaimer and accepted all the involved risks.

Thank you.

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