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This book is a guide to key concepts for successful trading in the modern markets. As most of you may know, modern markets are governed by High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Program Trading, two classes of modern Algorithmic Trading (AT) that has an overwhelming presence is today’s markets.

While HFT can hardly be relevant for retail traders (like us!) because it’s too fast to allow a reaction (so I suggest you don’t even try to trade during BCE or FED days, unless you know what you are doing), Program Trading is a more silent, less visible but very powerful class of automated trading. It is very important to know what Program Trading is doing on different timeframes.

Don’t miss the eBook! This eBook has the potential to turnaround your trading or start you with a the right step if you are a new trader (click on the below image to download).

Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior” eBook

(click on the above image to download)

Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior – A guide to relevant concepts for trading success in a market governed by High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Program TradingeBook published in May 2013 and available for free at:

Abstract: Are you interested in trading or a seasoned trader but still not part of that elite 5% of consistent traders? Do you want to be a successful trader regularly extracting profits out of the markets? If so, it is important you start thinking of trading from a different perspective, as well as, start doing something differently.

One thing could be to re-focus on those key concepts that truly describe, explain and affect price behavior. If you are a new or inexperienced trader you will benefit from the content of this book much more than more experienced ones. The reason is that you have a unique opportunity to shape up the right beliefs and mindset about trading from the very beginning. Traders with experience will need to work a bit more to change or slightly modify their current beliefs, as needed. But if they face the effort they will be able to quickly turn around their trading.

The key concepts presented in this eBook help understanding the psychology behind price moves, mainly driven by emotions in a way that rationalizing market behavior is not relevant and even counter-productive for successful trading. For instance, all the hype on market news and on its interpretation is misleading. News can and will only affect price on the smaller timeframes like 15min and 4-hour, but very often (if not always) it will have no effects on price patterns already in place, neither will on the outcome of well-formed daily and weekly setups.

In trading perception is much more important than facts and their rational interpretation in relation to how price could and will be affected, i.e. what is the anticipated traders’ reaction after a key event. An introduction to each of the five concepts that are paramount for trading success will prepare the trader to build the needed beliefs or help shifting the existing beliefs in order to (re)learn how to trade successfully.

If you have been in the trading system for some time, you will have realized that trading success requires useful and focused beliefs and the right psychology. The concepts presented in this book are counter-intuitive and challenge the widespread ‘truths’ of trading. Probably this is the reason why it is meaningful to analyze and study them carefully. A deep understanding of key concepts will also help understanding where the real profit opportunities lie.

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