FXStreet.com publishes my interview in their portal front page, November 8th 2013

Hello Traders,

hope things are going well and your weekend started smoothly and you are already relaxing.

I wanted to let you know that this weekend FXStreet.com, one of the largest global Forex portals, dedicated a portion of their front page to my recent interview.

Yesterday morning I had an interesting interview with Dale Pinkert at his Live Analysis Room.

I have touched up the followings topic: EUR/USD, S&P500 and HFT (High Frequency Trading) perspectives.

The interview is now available on FXStreet.com front page:

FibStalker.com Mention and video on FXStreet.com  November 8, 2013

FibStalker.com Mention and video on FXStreet.com November 8, 2013

In the interview I have also talked about the FibStalker method, explained the color code I use in my charts and examined in detail the EUR/USD weekly and daily, its recent inversion and where it could lead us. I have also reviewed the S&P500 E mini futures, that is still on its way onto 1,820.

You can find a lot of free information on this blog. Please serve yourself!

Hope you enjoy the interview and the information!

Have a great and safe end of week and weekend


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