“FXStreet Forex Best Awards 2014” nominee, Saturday February 8th, 2014

Dear all,

it is with great suprise and joy that I have received the news.

FXStreet.com included my name in the category of “Best Live Analysis Room Guests” of theri Best Awards 2014 competition. This is flattening!

I want to thank Dave Pinkert, Mauricio Carrillo and Francesc Riverola, as well as, all the FXStreet.com Live Analysis Room participants for their great support and warm welcome.

I hope that using the studies of the effects of Program Trading, a class of algorithmic trading, to spot footprints of institutional trading, will help more and more traders to become part of that 5% of consistently profitable traders, contributing to level plain the trading game!

FXStreet Forex Best Awards 2014

FXStreet Forex Best Awards 2014

Here are the FXStreet Forex Best Awards 2014 nominees.

You can express your vote here. Note that I will be supporting OANDA Corporation in Category 2 (“Best Sell-Side Analysis Contributor”) for their execution strategy, as well as, because they offer their office space and lots of their time to support the Toronto Forex Meetup Group by FXStreet, a place where I and all participants will do what we can to help growing new “5 percenters”, beginning and seasoned traders who eventually want to make it into the elite 5% of consistent investors and traders.

Thank you in advance if you will decide to grant your vote to me and my work and contribution.

Best Regards,,,

Giuseppe, ~ the FibStalker

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