All Markets Daily analysis and Forecast, February 18th 2014

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Tonight’s video features all the 11 markets I follow for which you can review my last Newsletter (if you are not a subscriber you can receive my last 6 issues simply by subscribing; it is free, see below).

The market featured in the below video and commentary are EUR/USD, S&P500, Dollar Index, Gold, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD & NZD/USD.

Hereunder is the commentary for the markets I follow:

The Euro is continuing its push higher on top of that areas of support starting at 1.3580 and is now well past the 1st target at 1.3730. The market apparently what to keep pushing higher into the 2nd target at 1.3809. On the 240min chart we have a move that reached second target and the next extension (and entry) long is located at 1.3747 (with a stop below 1.3741) pushing price into that 1.3809 target area. Below 1.3741 (from current highs) a retracement into 1.3667 is possible.

S&P500 emini
Nothing has changed for the S&P500 emini, this market has kept moving laterally. On the 240min chart this market is trading well above the 1st targeta t 1,832 and into the previous highs at 1,846. If and after that we should see some profit taking and a trade back into 1,834 with the 1,831 level being an important level of failure to watch.

Dollar Index futures
Yesterday I have showed for this market ready to trade the next sequence short at around 80.25, with a stop above 80.32. The short worked and brought price of Dollar to lows. The current short setup has targets at 79.87 and 79.67. Above 80.32 the next area of resistance would start at 80.70.

Gold mini futures
This market is correcting into the area of retracement and long entry anticipated yesterday. The next level in the sequence is at 1,303 with a stop below 1,295. Below that level a correction all the way into 1,255 cannot be excluded.


The 101.50 area of support we have been following for the last month or so, saw confirmed participation on Monday and today we just saw a continuation higher. Price must work out that declining 20 day SMA and eventually test the 103.10 resistance. Current participation is asserting higher prices at 107.30 and then eventually 108.30, first target of the weekly long at 94, identified back in June last year. Confirmation of the 107.30 target will come with price piercing above 103.63.


This market has reacted to the 136.65 area of long support, which is traced as an extension higher for a continuation into first target at 149.94. Price is just stopped at that 140.94 level of resistance on the daily chart. Above 142.07 the new target will be confirmed. On the 240min timeframe, the extension with entry point at 138.90 hit 1st target at 140.97. If price comes back down the next level of support will be 139.28 (with a stop below 138.86), with a new (1st) target at 141.83.

This market confirmed targets above at 179 (1st target) on Monday, February 17th. The 179 area corresponds to the area of the support and entry long at 165.78, which was identified a few weeks back. Notice however that the sequence on the 240mins has now failed so we start a correction that could bring price into the 169 area, where price will meet the flat 20 day SMA. Notice that there is also a possibility for price to retest 167.90

After reaching second target at 1.6780, this market  is now retracing as anticipating due to Program Trading taking profits here and push price into the next level of long support (and entry) at 1.6540, with a stop below 1.6473.

This market is still in a continuation higher and the current support area, starting at 0.8946 (with a stop below 0.8916) has first target at 0.9140. The market moved laterally in the last few days and the 15min move higher failed so it is possible to see a retracement all the way into the 0.8950 area, especially if we lose 0.8984.

Market slowly retracing into the that area of support and entry long (if supported by the fibstalking technique test) at 1.0910, clearly visible on the daily chart. Notice that below 1.0841 we have the potential to move all the way to 1.0314.

Yesterday this market failed the sequence of extensions higher when price pierced the 0.8298 level on the downside. The two areas to watch were the 0.8320 support and, below 0.8306 (high probability) the next area of support is 0.8260. The 0.8306 was pierced on the downside as indicated yesterday and now moving into 0.8260 (partial profits).

Notice that price projections in my method are not from/to random levels and do not follow Elliot Wave, DiNapoli levels or other methods, but rather a proprietary method based on modeling effects of Program and Algorithmic Trading on price.

My method helps “level plain” the trading game showing what banks, institutions and big hedge funds are actually doing (and not what they are saying they are doing). Follow me to learn how to spot the Algorithmic Trading footprints.

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