212 Forex Traders Meeting in 7 Cities in May, May 22 2014

Dear all,
good morning. If you trade full time, part-time or plan to start trading and live in one of the 7 cities where FXStreet organizes meetups, considering joining the meetup.

Francesc Riverola’s FXStreet CEO published a nice post “212 Forex Traders Meeting in 7 Cities in May 2014. View Pictures and Thank You All for Coming

Here is an highlight: “Thursday May 8th it was meetup day in 7 cities worldwide. 212 traders gathered to learn together, make friends and enjoy a nice evening with FX peers.
I would dare to say that it was a great evening for everyone involved
Looking forward for June meetups… and more meetups in new cities soon to come. Stay tuned!

Note: Thanks to Gonçalo Moreira, Partha Banerjee, Neil Greaves, Steve Moses, Sarah Potter and James Alexander for their beautiful presentations.

Thanks to Jeffrey Baskin, Giuseppe Basile, Chris Weston, Gavin White, Josh Lampel and Gus Farrow for make the meetups possible.”

If you live in Canada close or in the Toronto GTA, consider joining me at the Toronto Forex Group Meetup.

I look forward to see you there.

Happy Trading!


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