What if this made a difference in your trading and your life? June 12 2014

Dear all,
good morning. If you trade full time, part-time or plan to start trading then you do not want to miss what I have to tell you in this post.

… yes, what if what I have to tell you made a difference in your trading (and life)? Because it surely made a difference to other traders, already.

What am I talking about?

In the last two weeks I had several followers asking for help, advice and guidance, which add to the larger number of those I have helped in the last 2 years. Subscribers to my Weekly Newsletter are also asking for information about my mentoring, which I am planning to start somewhen in July (I will inform you so, please keep reading the newsletter I send every weekend)

I know that at least in a few cases I was able to make a difference. I saved a starting trader from being wiped out and get a full margin call (due to wrong positioning in EUR/USD) and made a difference in a number of other cases, with people who start “getting it” and understand that trading along with Program Trading means being the vast majority of time on the right side of the market.

But the way I was able to make a difference for other people and for myself, in the first place when I finally “got it”, was through education and mentoring. That was the key to my success in analysis and trading, not the endless weeks and nightly hours spent analyzing market prices and trying to “explain” price action through my own effort or with the help of Internet posts and forums (yes they help, but till to a certain extent and level).

For this reason I wrote this post to invite you to join my…

Upcoming FXStreet.com Monthly Webinar on June 19, 13GMT
This is going to be a packed 3-hour event with in 2 separate parts:

Part I – Webinar titled: “Thinking and Trading Like Modern Algos” (free event)
Summary: In the first part of our Monthly Webinar, we will look at how forex market price moves and compare to how the average trader thinks the market moves. We will then turn focus on Program Trading, a major class of algos that strongly influences modern markets, and how we can model it. Finally we investigate the stages of a trader, what is trading all about and choosing consistency and risk acceptance.

Part II – Webinar titled: “How ‘secretive’ Program Trading incorporates Market Psychology” (premium event)
Summary: In the second part of the Monthly Webinar, we review a simple, but very effective setup CME floor traders brought into computer-based trading in the late 80s. Then we will focus on the “invisible” Program Trading, that silently adapted to mimic market psychology and I will show jaw dropping long-term charts that show how the rules used by Program Trading could be applied in the last 110 years. Those same rules can put you in the elite 5% of regularly consistent winners.
Please register here you can watch it here.

Register here for the June Monthly Webinars.

I sincerely feel that the content in these webinars will make an impact on your trading results. I hope you can make it there, please reserve some time in your calendar if you can attend.

I look forward to interact with you and answer all the questions you may have.

Thank you for following my work.
See you next Thursday.

Kind Regards,,,

Happy Trading!


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