My Resource Box, July 14, 2014

Resource Box

Want to learn more about what I do to help traders to move from the group of 95% of losing traders into the 5% elite of consistent traders? Read  below…

Market professionals are not smarter individuals…

They just know how to take advantage of widespread weaknesses, i.e. how the crowds creates their own demise through the emotional response of greed and fear of losing opportunities.

If market professional do it, you can do it. The difference? Just knowledge that you can acquire relatively quickly…

The key? It is simply to look at and read the markets not using functions of price, i.e. indicators and traditional technical analysis, but using functions of psychology.

What does that mean?

I have touched and explained this important point recently in my Webinar: “The Bandwagon Theory Illustrated in Modern Markets” presented on

To get started with the material browse my blog at

You will find tenths of articles, over 500 video analysis and educational videos, in over 600 posts!

You can start your discovery by reading and watching some of the material I have selected for you and linked below:

With over 14 years of trading experience, harsh lessons learned from Mr. Market and working with mentors and successful traders, I have enriched my trading methodologies and understanding of the market and how modern algorithms have an effect on price.
Such effect can be used to create a very effective edge, and that’s what I do in my trading.

Sent me an email at for more information.

To your success!

Giuseppe Basile, CMT, B.Sc. Eng., MA.Fin,
SIAT/IFTA associate, Researcher and Trading Mentor Contributor and Toronto Forex Meetup leade

Giuseppe Basile, ~FibStalker

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