This week’s focus of my newsletter, July 28 2014

Dear traders,

this week’s focus of my newsletter has been on…

  1. My video analysis, review and forecast on 12 markets using the FibStalker methods (I keep adding markets…)
  2. What you find on trading books and mainstream trading education about the use of Fibonacci will not make you successful in the markets… I will tell you why.
  3. My research papers related to trading methods, HFT and Money Management in Modern Markets

Follow the instructions below to get the information. You are still in time to get the analysis for this week

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To your success!

Giuseppe Basile, CMT, B.Sc. Eng., MA.Fin,
SIAT/IFTA associate, Researcher and Trading Mentor Contributor and Toronto Forex Meetup leader

Giuseppe Basile, ~FibStalker

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