Past weekly analysis videos, for your study and review…, August 6, 2014

Dear reader and trader,

every weekend I publish a new analysis with complete trading plans on the weekly, daily and lower time frames. This is one of the reason a lot of traders subscribe to my newsletter, because it helps their trading and allows them to develop a different way of looking at the markets.

I typically distribute the videos on my blog with 3 to 4 weeks delay. But I have now realized I have huge backlog so, every week, I will be posting 2 or 3 weeks worth of reviews.

This week I will not publish past videos, but will provide you with a list of what has been published in the last few weeks for your review. You can find the videos on my Blog. You can review and study them and observe the traces related to the setups. I am sure you will get a better understanding of how I trade and the effectiveness of studying the “footprint” of program trading and algos.

Let me now what do you think. Write an email to me at or drop a comment below, under the list of videos.

Here are the recent posts related to the past analysis:

If you think that reviewing past analysis is not useful, think again. Reviewing past price action, setups and explanations in these videos allows you to acquire confidence.

Confidence = Comprehension + Proof

By watching the setups identified well in advance you get a proof that observing and acting on the way algos affect price actually provides a very good and actionable trading edge.

It also build the confidence by trying it out yourself and maybe, paper trade it for a while, or just studying the setups.

Let me know what you think. Send an email to or just click on this link here to comment on my blog.

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Thank you.

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