“You can only win with ‘Advanced Risk Management'”, August 11, 2014

Basic Risk Management alone does not allow respecting Market’s Fundamental Principles and Truths (although very important, Basic Risk management alone is a losing proposition)…

20140811_advancedriskmanagement… if you want to win and become part of the Elite 5% of consistent traders, you must consider adopting my best practices of ‘Advanced Risk Management’.

These days I am working to the content of my next Webinars at FXStreet.com.

This is going to take place on next Thursday August 14, at 12:00 GMT. You can subscribe to “Advanced Risk Management for Success in Modern Markets” webinar here.

As usual, I am going to provide something new to my followers. This is part of my research and trading activity in the last 13 years.

I continuously and consistently work hard for my followers and always give something new to them. Whether it is an article or a free Webinar with a piece of research or unique knowledge and information that  cannot be found elsewhere, I strive to educate my followers!

In the upcoming Webinar you will learn my main Rules of Trading, the  Fundamental Market’s Principles and Truths related to Risk Management, how to reach Trading Objectives and the reason why we need Risk Management.

I will briefly introduce the basics of Risk Management, including Van Tharp’s CPR formula.

If you do not know this formula you are in big troubles, and if you are currently trading real money you should stop now!

Why do I sound so adamant and extreme?

Well, the CPR Formula allows to cover for a couple of fundamental Market’s Principles, but there are other Truths, Principles and Objectives that, if you do not have them clear in your mind, you cannot possibly become a successful, consistent trader.

Statistically speaking, you are a loser.

Sorry for being blunt, and it is not my intention to offend you.

What I mean here is that 95% of starting and experienced traders lose money consistently and, eventually, lose all their money.

What are you plans about doing things differently, in order to become part of the group of the 5% consistently winning traders, instead of losing all the money you commit to trading?

If you have any ideas, please, send them to me at fibstalker@gmail.com

If you are serious about trading, let me know what do you think and I may be able to suggest other ideas too.

But if you have no ideas, then just watch my Webinar on Thursday on FXStreet.com. I promise this is going to be another “HA-HA” experience and will help you a lot.

Besides and beyond the basic CPR Formula for Traders, you will look at practical, real, advanced Risk and Money Management.

This is the real ‘meat’. That is when you start asking the right, important questions that very few mentors and experienced traders seem to point out: am I trading in the right direction? What is happening to price structure? Can I obtain a risk free trade and how?

Plus, am I entering too late and you should I just forego the trade? Are partial profits important? Should I take partial profits off the table and if so, where, in what portion of my position?

And more: how can I enter the setups in steps to further limit risk and boost gains? Can I super-charge my profits without jeopardizing Risk Management’s best practices?

You are going to get all these questions answered, plus you are going to discover how to supercharge your profits with the use of Market’s Money Layers.

Never heard about that? And do you still plan to be part of the Elite 5% of consistently winner traders?

If so, do not miss my Webinar on “Advanced Risk Management” next Thursday August 14, at 12:00 GMT. Check on my blog how to subscribe to the webinar.

And, of course, f you like this article and it makes sense to you please share your own ideas and comments. You can do that on the blog, on my videos or just clicking reply to this email.

I read and answer each mail personally.

Have a great week.


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