Tomorrow’s free Webinar at 12:00 GMT on ‘Advanced Risk Management’ on, August 13 2014

Hello Traders!

FibStalker here.

I would like to remind you about the free Webinar I am going to offer tomorrow
Thursday August 10, at 12:00 GMT on You can subscribe hereunder:

I will touch on the basic of risk management and then dive into the more advanced

What are you plans? Are you going to do things differently, in order to become
part of the group of the elite 5% of winning traders, or do you eventually
“plan” to lose all the money you commit to trading?

Of course, if you are an experienced trader, you have already good risk and
money management in place. But even in that case, I promise there is something
new to learn and the webinar will offer a “HA-HA” experience for the majority of participants.

I will show Van Tharp’s CPR Formula for Traders, and then get into more advanced topics looking at practical, professional, Risk and Money Management best practices.

I will talk about: trading in the right direction, price structure and risk, risk-free
trades, not entering too late, partial profits, position sizing changes,
entering setups in steps to further limit risk and boost gains, super-charging
profits, market’s money, money layers, and more…

So do not miss my Webinar on “Advanced Risk Management for Success in Modern Markets”
tomorrow Thursday August 14, at 12:00 GMT. Subscribe below:

Here below is the webinar’s summary:
” Risk management is an integral part of trading. Traders often focus only on the method element of the equation. I will touch on the basics, like the ‘CPR for traders’, then focus on practical risk management that takes into account modern price structure and is grounded in the way the markets work. This includes accounting for fundamental truths like, “the markets can do anything”. Finally, I will show how even risking 1% per trade will make you wealthy, by getting aggressive on other people’s money.”

To register for the free “Traditional and new uses of Fibonacci in Modern Markets” webinar, follow the link below:

I like to hear your ideas. Just comment below or send an email to and let me know what you think.
I read and answer each mail personally.

I am confident the content of the Webinar will help to bring your trading to the next level.

I look forward to seeing you there.

To your success,


Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker

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