“Today’s interview at Dale Pinkert’s LAR on FXStreet.com”, September 16, 2014

Dear all,

As you will see I have got busy pretty quickly as soon as I came back from my vacation.

Here is today’s interview at the FXStreet.com LAR with Dale Pinkert.

I reviewed the current situation of the Euro/Dollar and the target at 1.3020 called after the market broke the all the way halfway back on the weekly timeframe back at the beginning of May.

I have also reviewed the situation of the USD/JPY with the weekly and daily setups mentioned in my review of the Japanese Economy published on August 1st on FXStreet.com. This market is at the first target of the daily timeframe and close to the 1st target of the weekly timeframe (setup in the 94 area). The USD/JPY is in an extension long, thus it has to potential to quickly move into the second target at the 115 area.

You can watch the interview with Dale here, and I have embedded the video below:

LAR Interview with Dale Pinkert’s at FXStreet.com, Sept 16 2014

Here in the following I am also providing the link to the article written by Dale Pinkert and Mauricio Carrillo on the interview.

As usual, let me know what you think by leaving an email at: fibstalker at gmail.com or a post on my blog.

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Have a great trading week

The FibStalker Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker




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