“Workshop at the Toronto Money Show, next October 16th, 2014” – October 9, 2013

20141008_Metro Toronto Convention MoneyShow

Dear all,

this is to let you know that I have been invited for a speech at the Toronto Money Show, next Thursday October 16th, 2014.

If you are not in Toronto, I will try to take a couple of video footage of the event and share it with my free newsletter subscribers.

If you live in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), I would live to invite you to join me at the event.

I am going to talk about a New Philosophy to become a Successful Trader in Modern Markets by leveraging the presence of Algorithms in all time frame.

Join me on Thursday, October 16, 2014, 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm, at the “Metro Toronto Convention Center”.

Find below the details of the presentation:

20141008_MoneyShow_workshop details

Don’t miss it. This is going to be an eye opener. Learning to identify and trade based on the effects of modern algorithms on price has the potential to
turnaround your trading and put you in the elite of 5% of successful and consistent traders in no time flat!

This is not High Frequency Trading, Algo Trading and the family of Program Trading trade in all timeframes, large and small, and its study can produce
very effective trading plans.


Find below the link to the workshop information:


Come to discover a new, effective and successful way to trade the markets!

To your success, rooting for you…

Giuseppe Basile, CMT, B.Sc. Eng., MA.Fin,
SIAT/IFTA associate, Researcher and Trading Mentor
FXStreet.com Contributor and Toronto Forex Meetup leader

Giuseppe Basile, ~FibStalker


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6 responses to ““Workshop at the Toronto Money Show, next October 16th, 2014” – October 9, 2013

  1. Vasile Ion

    Hello, Can you help me, I bought sp 500 after I last sight of your video, priced at 19.60 and do not know what to do now, to inhid loss or to wait, you still believe in long? I appreciate your transactions, but I want to learn and I still mu;’re about Fibonacci and altgoritmi, but I do not think the platform so understand that it is better to make a trnazactie on sappamana after week we see the video? you have another video blog every day? thanks a lot

    • Hi Vasile,
      as you know from my review I look at the continuous futures SP&500 e-mini contract. The market has bounced off that level twice and that level identifies an important weekly long area. We saw participation by algorithms twice and in both cases a free-risk trade was provided.
      I do not trade those levels randomly, but I time those levels using a proprietary technique called FibStalking. I do not provide the videos as signals to trade, but only to showcase my analysis and the potential of studying the effects of algorithms on price and I only publish it twice a week. Subscribe my newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/pV6mL , if you want to receive the analysis when I publish it to my free subscribers.
      I provide a much more detailed analysis to my students in the Coaching Program. There I show how to identify the levels and time them so that you can easily get a free risk trade (a trade that hits a first target where you exit 50% of it and let it move without any residual risk).

      Hope this helps

    • Vasile, the S&P500 e-mini is still on top of the large weekly support at 1918.25. The stop level of that area is down at 1,895.25. Until price breaks that level, Program Trading long will not give up.
      You have to trade these levels carefully. As mentioned in the other reply I time these levels. The two bounces higher gave 2 free-risk trades, now we could have a third one. For two time there was participation at these levels, meaning that there is actual interest from algos and professionals to propel the price higher. The target is still higher at 2,058 for the S&P500 e-mini.
      Hope this helps.

  2. vasile ion

    Thank you so much, I enrolled in both versions the link keep positions … how do we also have algorithms to platform must open an account with a broker that? I can not wait to learn
    one day and rewarding excellence

  3. Thanks for subscribing Vasile. Please come to meet me after the workshop a the MoneyShow. I usually do not recommend brokers but have been in contact with OANDA through the FXStreet.com Meetup and they are quite serious.
    Talk soon.

  4. vasile ion

    Unfortunately returning again ref sp 500 more you think back to 2147 or a maximum trend reversal, we lost pretty big 600 usd to wait to retezeteze 1925 and close above or to go now?
    Event on Wednesday, a recorded video to send mail, I can not watch in real time that are at work

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