“A New Philosophy for Trading Success in Modern Markets” Webinar recording now available, October 20, 2014

Dear Friends!

Last week I held a Webinar for FXStreet.com. The title of the webinar is “A New Philosophy for Trading Success in Modern Markets“.

In it I explained how badly do we need a new Philosophy to trade successfully the markets nowadays. The webinar also covers the content of my Workshop I presented at the Toronto MoneyShow last Thursday.

The content of this webinar is important. Why? Well, if you look at the results of the average trader, as well as the majority of traders, you would immediately think that we are much in need for new and effective ways of analyzing, reading and trading the markets differently.

Actually, over 90% of traders lose consistently in the markets. Moreover, 22% of Forex traders do not use any kind of hard stop (recent data shared from OANDA, one of the largest Forex brokers in the world).

So doing things differently is key is a much needed substantial change. And as we do thing differently we must look at the reality of modern markets. Markets have changed and in trading we must employ ways of reading price that are grounded in the way the modern markets work.

There are only few things that can be proven or are true about the markets. One of these is the existence of algorithms working on all time frames, in high volume markets, and their observable effects on price. I am not talking about HFT (High Frequency Trading) here. Those work only on the smaller timeframes and there is really nothing we can do about them.

Can we leverage that and obtain a edge that can significantly improve our rate of success? Yes we can. And anyone can once the rules to model effects of algos on price are known.

Have a look at how in the brief summary of this webinar.

“I will introduce a revolutionary and effective way of thinking, analyzing and trading price dynamics and reading price structure, as well as obtaining information through price discovery. I will talk about the richness of information in price brought about by classes of algorithms in modern markets. I will then touch on the 13 points of my philosophy in trading, the 11 ways of doing things differently, the 7 Pillars of Trading Success in modern trading and the 4 major steps I follow in my trading. This webinar is going to challenge what you believe about trading and what can be done without traditional technical analysis, and the complexity of its rules. This is not for the faint of heart.”

If you haven’t had the time and the opportunity to watch the webinar just yet, do it. It’s an eye opener. I had people very excited coming to me after the Toronto MoneyShow Workshop.

Maybe there is a good reason… 😉

Watch the webinar recording here, and then let me know what you think about it.

20141020_New Philosophy webinar recording

Have a good day all.

To your success, rooting for you…



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