Last Thursday Nov 13 interview at Dale Pinkert’s LAR – November 19, 2014

Dear all,

Here below is last Thursday’s interview at the LAR with Dale Pinkert.

Being invited at the Dale Pinkert’s LAR on is always a lot of fun. This interview was especially important because Dale is back from his long treatment and I am glad he is recovering quickly. As usually we talked the markets and reviewed my last fundamental analysis and technical call that was published on August 1st in relation to the USD/JPY (6-month review of the Japanese Economy). Particularly I explained why price of USD/JPY had not other place to go but hit 108.50 and eventually 115.90, which it did.

Here is the related link to the article written by Dale Pinkert and Mauricio Carrillo on Sept 16, 2014.

Last Thursday we also had a look at the Euro/Dollar based on the current positioning of Algorithms. As you may know I get my trading edge by the observation of activity of Algos on price.

And we also talked about the little “caterpillars” which is how I call the students of my FibStalker Methods Coaching Program.
I also showed where the USD/JPY is now headed and I gave all the possible price action and trading plans going forward, also explaining what levels have to be monitored and timed with the FibStalking Timing technique (my proprietary timing technique that studies Algos on the smaller timeframes of the counter-trend moves into high probability levels of price participation on the larger timeframes).

You can watch the last interview with Dale Pinkert of November 13, here, and I have also embedded the video below:


Here below find the previous interviews offered on Sept 16 and Sept 30, respectively:

LAR Interview with Dale Pinkert’s at, Sept 30 2014

LAR Interview with Dale Pinkert’s at, Sept 16 2014



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Have a great day.

The FibStalker Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker


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4 responses to “Last Thursday Nov 13 interview at Dale Pinkert’s LAR – November 19, 2014

  1. AS

    Thanks for posting this Giuseppe.. really nice interview though the video quality does go down and charts not clear.. but hey thanks for what you do.. at no cost to us, great content 🙂

    Have a question… you had predicted EURUSD to 1.21ish and before that to 1.26. We technically touched 1.26 today, but not over 1.26. Do you think now down to 1.21 before any uptrend ?

    Really would appreciate your response on this !

    • Hello AS,
      thanks for following me and the gracious words.

      The way my method works is that when I get price into the level of interest, where I anticipate participation for algos on the larger timeframe, I look at what happens on the smaller timeframes.

      Imagine 1.26 like a potential barrier where sellers on the larger timeframe can come back into the market again. But nothing is guaranteed int the market. So at these levels I become more vigilant and switch to the smaller timeframe.
      To know whether shorts will be successful they need to be strong enough to win the buyers that have pushed the market higher in the last few days.
      There are two set of sequences of moves higher that matter at the moment: one on the 4-hour and the other on the 15min.

      What I do then is checking if and when these counter-trend sequences fail, as an effect of new shorts that can potentially come in into the markets at the 1.26.

      We all know all the information in advance and I use the FibStalking Timing Technique to verify where the 4-hour and 15min sequences fail, if they fail.

      So generally there are two scenarios: 1) the sequences fail and the FibStalking timing tells you the exact confirmation level (is a well-defined price level) that tells you when the counter-trend move is not valid any more. That’s the time you must get involved in a short.

      Using the confirmation level you get involved in very good spots with high R/R and only after confirmation. This is why trading with the Algos is so convenient and traditional TA is not capable of offering such high R/R trades.

      On the other hand it can happen that the counter-trend sequences on the 4-hour and 15min remain intact and no-one shows up at 1.26. In this case you don’t have money at risk and the market can do whatever it wants. I will just wait.

      I only get involved in the markets at my own conditions (because after you are in the market can do anything).

      Now the good point is that when the counter-trend move fails below or above a FibStalker level, price momentum in the direction of the trade is strong enough to generate a free-risk trade.

      If you understand trading and risk management, you know that generating a free-risk trade from a low risk retrace is your job #1 as a trader.

      And that’s what I attempt to do. Once I have a free-risk trade I also have a free mind and I can go to think to something else. Because either the market hits my swing profit target or closes me at breakeven minus costs and slippage.

      Hope this clarifies.

      PS: I teach the mechanical and totally procedural way to time FibStalker levels like the 1.26 in the EUR/USD in my multi-month Coaching Program.

      Hope that clarifies.

  2. AS

    Not only does this clarify a lot, but also tells me that you are a great coach and love teaching the methods… Really appreciate the time you took to answer and the effort you put in such a detail answer. At the very least, I owe you a coffee or drink ! I live in the GTA as well and will reach out to you. Also am very interested in your training class (next year) as I will be travelling later this year..

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to having you in one of my future classes. You will be delighted and will be very surprised with the level of command of the trading process you will achieve and the kind of opportunity you will be able to recognize in price and take advantage of.
    Don’t forget that we can also meet here, once a month:

    Talk to you soon

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