“Happy Cyber Monday & Tuesday!” (and a special offer for you) – November 30, 2014

Dear Friends,
I just wanted to reach you out and say hello to you all, and I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanks Giving week …

…and I want to say a big Thank You! for being such loyal followers 🙂

That means a lot to me 🙂

Best Regards,

Giuseppe Basile, the FibStalker

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P.P.S. The special Offer on the Thanks Giving week, Cyber Monday and Tuesday ends on December 2nd..

P.P.P.S Here’s what it is all about:

The FibStalker coaching program with its unique approach and simple formulas is being touted as one of the most innovative and hands-on coaching programs available today. It can enable your trading success- and it has started changing the way experienced and new traders look at, analyze, and operate in the markets.

And it is no instant mix- it is the result of 13 years of thorough study and analysis of market price and the impact of automated agents (algorithms) on modern markets, and how they can be exploited.

The testimony of this program’s success is that most of my students / traders have started reporting an increase in profits and/or number of trading opportunities, and a better understanding of market structure and where to get involved in the market.

My students have learnt to identify and carefully observe and time the very levels where powerful classes of algorithms get involved in modern markets.

These algos are run by the smart money, the large institutions that extract billions in profit from the markets while over 90% of retail traders consistently generate losses. And it is not a very happy scene, to put it mildly.

The FibStalker Methods tell you exactly where this lapse happens, and how to overcome this loss-making process, and convert it into a profit-making, informed trading.

And here is an awesome offer for my readers as a way of my Thanksgiving to you all. And something I have never done before.

For the next coaching program starting in January, I am offering a special discount for the readers enrolling for the course within December 2, 2014.

Join and you will:
– Understand how modern markets are governed by families of powerful algos and how you can exploit their effects on price;
– Identify well in advance areas of participation of algorithms in high-volume markets;
– Learn to procedurally time entries of low-risk, high probability setups leveraging existence of algos on smaller timeframes;
– Design your trading system based on proven building blocks grounded in how the market actually works;
– A unique opportunity to get into the Elite 5% instead of continuing to trade like playing lotto.

I see a lot of people are still trying to make Traditional technical analysis work.
They use lagging indicators devised to capture trends to time entries.

And they keep adding rules to some not-so-efficient trading systems, which are unable to explain market price.

They do not realize that what they are doing is really just fitting past market data, and that there are other means to trade in an informed, confident and successful way – following the smart money.

In the process they produce trading systems with a low degree of freedom, not able to explain future prices. And that’s exactly what happens when you add rules to your automated systems and Expert Advisors (EA).

They are missing an important, little known edge, which is offered by observing effects of algos on price of modern markets in all timeframes. Plus they ignore that algos have also incorporated the psychology of the markets.

Instead of adopting a simple trading method that better explains price, the majority of traders opt for adding complexity.

They alter their systems by adding lots of rules without realizing that the problem is not trying to statistically fit past market data.

The problem is using weak analysis techniques (like TA) rather than focusing on simple and effective price analysis methods that better explain modern markets and how automated agents affect price.

It is quite easy to understand why traditional technical analysis does not work and why it only produces average results (which in trading means losing money).

== Alright, So Here’s the Deal ==


The FibStalker Methods coaching program walks students step by step on how to identify the same levels watched by algos and how to time these levels.

It’s an intensive program of 4-months of learning plus 3 additional months of consolidation with one-to-one attention.

There are lots of hours of recorded webinars on the concept that are completed by live Q&As & webinars, additional video content, homework to keep students accountable, and detailed market reviews which shows the application and results of FibStalker approach and method to current markets.

Experience the Difference!
Experience a trading methodology with such a unique and effective technique, EVER packed into a coaching program of this duration.

The practical benefits of having the training duration stretched out to 7-months ensures that you get all the support you need while you establish yourself in the market as a confident and informed trader, and inch your way into the Elite 5%.

As you sign up for this unique coaching program, you’ll receive access to the material and digital library, plus a schedule of the Q&A webinars and all the other material I will make available to you to help you bring your trading to the next level.

You will also have the direct access to me for my personalized replies access to the Forum where you can discuss with the like-minded traders  on the FibStalker Trading Methods. Let this program guide you and change forever how you analyze and trade the markets.

You will start seeing the results after the third module, where I introduce the proprietary FibStalking timing technique that you can use to mechanically time your entries (a never heard before concept in trading).

Seal the Deal with an Unbelievable Offer!

The FibStalker Methods Coaching Program — a 7-months unique program — is usually priced at $1,000 and a price hike is already planned to $1,500 in 2015 due to the growing demand of the program (which anyway has been designed to sell for much more)…

Embarking on the festive season, and for your readership and loyalty, I want to offer you this deal as my way of saying Thanks!

So if you enroll before Tuesday by midnight, you can get the full 7-months FibStalker Methods Coaching Program for only $850. Grab this awesome deal while you still can. Don’t miss it!

== Here’s What You Have to Do ==

Click this link and buy it:


That will take you to sign up page. You can register, select the current offer on the site and this will bring you to the PayPal website.

After that you will need to sign a contract (I require students to sign an acceptance of the terms and conditions, and an NDA , non-disclosure-agreement, for both my and your peace of mind).

If you have any problems or question shoot me an email (just hit reply to this email) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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