“One Day One Topic: Order Flow”, December 9th, 2014


Dear traders,

it is with pleasure that I introduce to you FXStreet’s “One Day, One Topic” webinars event.

I am among the 5 speakers invited to talk, during one day, around one same topic: ORDER FLOW. And of course… all for free!

That will be next Wednesday, December 10th, with the following traders and analysts:

Navin Prithyani Understanding Order Flow in Simple Terms at 11:00 GMT/ 06:00 am EST, by Navin Prithyani

“We all understand the need to adapt to market conditions like when to trend trade and when to range trade but many novice traders are unaware of is how to load up when the conditions are right. Spotting a good order flow in the market can give you days in a month where performance can be tripled or quadrupled.”

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Giuseppe Basile Order Flow and Algorithms Footprints in Modern Markets at 12:00 GMT / 07:00 am EST, by Giuseppe Basile, CMT

Order Flow is about predicting the future flow of orders that will be generated so that you can position yourself to take advantage of the resulting price moves. A few ways order flow is analyzed are reviewed. The practical anticipation of the order flow through modeling of Algorithms heavily active in modern markets – so that a prepared trader can take advantage of it – is then discussed. A final reality check on what classes and families of Algorithms can be leveraged and used in our trading edge, and those that are too fast to be exploited is offered.

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Chris Lori Leverage changes everything at 13:00 GMT / 08:00 am EST, by Chris Lori

Chris will discuss the impact of contributor banks on the interbank aggregate feeds. The price delivery risk management system of every investment bank plays a role in interbank aggregate price surges. We will discuss consistent price behaviours that may be useful in your trading model.

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Sam Seiden Trade What is Real, Not What You Feel at 14:00 GMT/ 09:00 am EST, by Sam Seiden

During this session, Sam will share some strategy logic and rules for trading using price and price alone. The key is quantifying the markets real supply and demand equation and focusing on price levels where supply and demand is out of balance. This allows you to predict market turns and market moves in advance with a very high degree of accuracy.

Sam Seiden developed the Patented Supply and Demand strategy more than 20 years ago during his time on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He started his career focused on the FX market and began on the financial institution side of the business which helped him understand how markets really work and how money is really made and lost in markets. Join Sam as he shares his strategy rules which help you trade the FX market like a bank. This session will focus on an interactive lesson and live strategy application.

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Ferran FontScalping and HFT (High Frequency Trading) at 17:00 GMT/ 12:00 pm EST, by Ferran Font

Since massive irruption of HFT machines (High Frequency Trading) has changed the classical way of Market Understanding, advance Innovative Techniques are required to adapt to this recent changes. In order to achieve a successful trading performance, particularly in the shorter timeframes like Scalping, modern strategies like Tape Reading, Order Flow Reading, or Order Book Reading, have proved to be effective to reach this goal.

Predatory Algorithms, need to fill thousands of Orders every millisecond, their activity, will provide us with an excellent starting point, as their big Volume Orders, will leave a Footprint that we can use to trigger our piggy-back System.

When Reading the Tape in Real Time, and matching this information with the Resting Orders (Order Book), we can isolate most of the HFT Patterns like Absorption, Spoofing, Stuffing, Dangling, Pack-Hunting, etc…
We will use the Market Profile Auction Theory in conjunction with Innovative Systems, to develop a successful Low Risk High Probability Set Up’s to be profitable in our Trading.

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If it’s the first time you attend a webinar on FXStreet, please read our instructions.

Happy trading!


I like helping traders at all level of development “level plain” the trading game showing what banks, institutions and big hedge funds are actually doing (and not what they are saying they are doing). Follow my work to learn how to spot the Algorithmic Trading footprints.

I send a free Newsletter in the weekend and provide updates throughout the week. The newsletter typically includes 3 video reviews for (1) EUR/USD, Dollar Index, S&P500 emini and Gold emini; (2) the Japanese Yen majors, i.e. USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY; (3) the other majors: GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD & NZD/USD.

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Have a great day.

Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker

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