“Great Things Happen in January” – December 23, 2014

Dear all,

Hope you are all well and preparing to spend the Christmas Holidays with your loved ones in peace and relaxation.

I also hope you a planning for a great 2015!

Here’s the thing, in just about everything, in trading and life, January can be a GREAT month.

But if you wait until your New Year’s resolutions to set up January – it will probably be too late. Seriously, the 1st is on a Thursday, so your first day back to work is likely to be the 5th. And if it takes you 2-3 weeks to set up something big … you’ll miss January.

But imagine, instead, you get yourself setup NOW and you are ready to roll out into learning new ways of trading effectively from January the 10th, when my next session of the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program starts … you can start off January and 2015 with a bang!

Things change.

Momentum happens.

NOW is the time to be strategizing for effective trading in 2015.

Especially since you may have time off, down time and have time to evaluate this past year and how you are going to start doing things differently in 2015, and thrive.

Start a new think-track in your mind, start doing things differently in trading. Aim at what the Elite 5% and Smart Traders are doing. In your down time the few days, do some thinking of your 2015 strategy.

And when 2015 arrives in 8 days, YOU will be ready!

What you do or don’t do will influence YOUR results in 2015!

Determine what those results are going to be, then simply DO the steps to make those things happen.

You can do it!

Giuseppe Basile, ~ FibStalker

PS: my offer for the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program is still valid and you can buy the 7-month program at a discounted price before December 28th (price is increasing 20% on Dec 28th, 2014 and then another 25% after January 10th, 2015).

Act now! Secure your trading coaching program that is going to change your trading and results forever!



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