Happy 2015!

Dear all,

I want to wish you serenity and success in 2015!

20141230_Happy New 2015




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2 responses to “Happy 2015!

  1. Hi Giuseppe! Thanks so much for this and all of your New Year blessings. Happy 2015 to you and to your most beloved my friend! May your career flourish and thrive.
    It is for sure that I weathered some difficulties last year. And it is also for sure that, thanks to you, I have emerged stronger and wiser. So, I am grateful to count you among those people that are special to me.
    I am excited for all of the challenges and joys, this year hopefully will bring for all of us.
    Happy New Year and all the best for new -but as much possible risk free- ventures!

    • Hello Pantelis,
      Happy New Year!

      Thanks for the kind words. I wish also to you and your loved ones to thrive. I really hope this year you will flourish and keep growing with the new understanding and knowledge. And also benefit from a more detached and, as you pointed out, wiser approach and view.

      Thanks for the kind words, they are flattering. I am happy that you keep in very good consideration what I do to and the help I can give. That means a lot to me.

      The future has a lot to offer, regardless the starting point and the past hickups and difficulties.

      My wish is that we will all keep taking good decisions this year and only get involved in risk-free ventures, the only one we should “automatically” be pushed of thinking about.

      This year too I will be there to help realize the maximum benefit from your new knowledge, your patience, discipline and the great analysis skills.

      The seed of success has been planted. Now it is all about watering and taking care of the development.

      To Great(er) things. Happy New Year!

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