FXStreet Forex Toronto Meetup celebrates 1 year of activity with Chris Lori! – January 30, 2015

Dear all,

One year has passed since I accepted the call from Francesc Riverola, CEO of FXStreet.com, to co-organize and lead the FXStreet Forex Meetup in Toronto.

It has been great and rewarding time and this February we are going to celebrate this first year!

And what better way to do it with a model athlete and institutional trader.

Few people can claim what Chris Lori has achieved in sport, life and trading!

Meet the man here: http://www.chrislori.com/Media and here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Lori

And do not forget to subscribe to Chris website and newsletter on his website: http://www.chrislori.com

In the next very exciting Meetup, taking place next Thursday in Toronto, at the Sheraton Hotel Centre at 6.30pm, Chris will talk about the relations between Volatility and Liquidity in the Forex markets. Particularly how FX positions of large institution affect liquidity.

20150130_Chris Lori meetup

Find more information on the Meetup and Chris’ speech here below:

“In this live presentation, Chris Lori, CTA and Institutional Fund Manager, will discuss the mechanics of liquidity in the institutional back office and its delivery to the  broader FX market. Chris will share how the investment bank clients FX positioning affects liquidity and price movement, and how price defines his own trading model. There will be a focus on volatility, price relationships and reaction points that would be of interest to short or longer term traders. Chris will also shed light on the process one can engage to build a more intimate understanding of specific price behaviors.  Whether you trade using mathematical models, price behaviors, or other, the information coming from an experienced FX asset manager will be of interest to all traders. ”

If you live in the Torotno GTA (Great Toronto Area) or not to far from it, you may want to consider joining us at the Meetup. The monthly meetups will be kindly hosted by CMC Markets, the leading forex broker.

Register to the FXStreet Forex Toronto Meetup today and come to meet like-minded people, share knowledge, get your questions answered and learn more about trading and forex directly from the pros. You will be having lots of fun in the process and will be our guest after the event for a free drink .

We are going to meet every month at the Sheraton Hotel Centre for an hour or so of learning with engaging content and Forex practitioners, presentations. After the meeting we will move to a closer pub to continue talking about Forex, sharing our battles, our hurdles, small and big wins in trading and having fun. This is a free event and to all participants every month CMC Markets will be offering the first round of drinks after the meetup!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker



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2 responses to “FXStreet Forex Toronto Meetup celebrates 1 year of activity with Chris Lori! – January 30, 2015

  1. chusevents

    Very much looking forward to it! Do not miss this opportunity to see Chris and learn from his experience. Giuseppe, an absolute pleasure to work with you and make the meetups bigger and better! Happy birthday too 😉

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