“First Anniversary of the Toronto Forex Meetup Group” – February 23, 2015


Michael Yeung, Chris Lori and Giuseppe Basile at the first anniversary of the Toronto group

Dear all,

today FXStreet.com has published the news and pictures of the celebration of the one-year anniversary of our meetup in Toronto. Chris Lori was with us and we had a great time. Thank you all who participated to the even.  Want to see how we celebrate it? Read more 😉

At the Toronto Forex Meetup we’ve always worked to help participants learn to become a better trader thanks to the insights, reports and webinars of our guests, working with some of the best Forex experts and professionals. With the creation of the Toronto Forex Meetup and the other meetups FXStreet collaborates with FibStalker Trading and other contributors, to connect the online world with the real world, that is, you with the professionals!

Take advantage of all the upcoming events this March. You can also join the LIVE version of FXStreet. March is going to be another very exciting month and I will host David Franklin, a self-made trader who will share how he trades and how he sees his trading business.

What happens in Toronto, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg, have a look at the agenda in the other locations around the world and book your seat!

Happy trading and non-trading week.

See you soon!

~FibStalker, http://www.fibstalkertrading.com

Author of: FibStalker Methods Coaching Program


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6 responses to ““First Anniversary of the Toronto Forex Meetup Group” – February 23, 2015

  1. Pantelis

    Giuseppe, Happy Anniversary and more many to come!
    I see Michael Yeung and Chris Lori are following Varoufakis’s Fashion Style … tie-less! lol

  2. Ah ah ah that’s the new style at the ECB and World Bank too.. 🙂 But I am old style and in occasions like this I try to be a bit more elegant, at least on the upper side.
    I was wearing jeans in the lower, after all… 🙂

    So the jeans balance down the tie… 🙂


  3. Pantelis

    I hear that the Italian Fashion today is going for the non tie suit style. Do not know if it is true though. But, as i’m an old style too, for sure, you’ve got a strong point of view there Giuseppe! lol

  4. Hi Pantelis,
    if the Italian Fashion is going south and tie-less is because of lack of money not lack of style, unfortunately. I am not able to tell that, as I am in Canada, but I will offer a up-to-date view as I will be back from Italy during Easter… 🙂

  5. Pantelis

    Hi giuseppe.. I never considered the lack of money as an issue for this, but now you’re mentioned it I think you are right. Anyway .. let’s be optimistic and hope for things not being more badly for the future.
    Nice talking to you,
    Cheers! 🙂

    • Pantelis,
      if the economy is going down and company and entrepreneurship keeps being battered down, we can be optimistic, but as you say, we can hope. Hope is a strategy, and a strong one in the spiritual realm (and it helps a lot). But changes are needed on the physical realm as well…

      We will see. 🙂

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