BIO – Giuseppe Basile

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Thanks for visiting my blog. This is who am I…


“Giuseppe Basile, CMT is the trader, analyst and mentor at FibStalker Trading, Inc. He started trading in the equity markets in 2001 and learned stocks, futures and forex trading between 2001 and 2007. He worked with several mentors including Van Tharp, Ivica Juracich, DR Barton, David Halsey, Joe DiNapoli. In 2012 he started the blog which provides trading education and helps traders learn how to leverage the overwhelming presence of algorithms trading the modern markets.

With over 17,000 hours of trading and screen time, Giuseppe is also an active researcher for the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) with 3 research papers published in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In addition he also conducts webinars and writes for, a leading global online currency trading portal that offers real-time exchange rates, currency charts, news, market forecasts, technical analysis and currency conversion tools; and leads the Toronto Forex Meetup Group. He is also the author of the FibStalking Timing technique, a procedural method to test support and resistance, a new, effective concept in trading.

Giuseppe holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering (1999) from ‘La Sapienza’ – Rome, Italy and a Masters in Finance (2010) from the National College of Ireland. He is also a certified market technician and member of the IFTA/SIAT.

Giuseppe’s trading techniques are based on cutting-edge methods capable of spotting the footprints of algorithms activity on price. He teaches how to identify the actual levels used by big institutions, showing what they are actually doing (not what they say they are doing), thus helping traders to make it into the elite 5% of successful traders.

His specialty includes identifying the levels where algorithms will reverse positions on a given time frame, timing entries precisely on the smaller time frames and performing price discovery, often with no money at risk. Giuseppe does not use traditional technical analysis and is of the opinion that it just adds to the 95% of loss-making traders statistics.”


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