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Come to Challenge Yourself, upcoming Webinar on FXStreet – May 19, 2015

Dear Traders,

It’s free…

Check my free Webinar below.

Download the excel sheet that we will use for our Money Management Game here.

The webinar will be tomorrow at 10AM EST (14:00GMT). The details and the link to register are below. This event if FREE…


Register here.

See you tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,,,


Author of: FibStalker Methods Coaching Program

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Article: “With the presence of Algorithms the markets have changed. How do you cope?” – May 5, 2014

Hey, FibStalker here.

As you may know I am not a big fan of traditional technical analysis. Why? You cannot win in the markets and make returns that can turn relatively small trading accounts into important amounts in a reasonable time (2-3 years).

No Paradise
Let’s face it, this is what all of us want. Isn’t it?

But you cannot do it with average cross-overs, indicators, pivots, trend lines or even the “modern” technical tools and indicators, all of which largely lag price, do not provide a trading plan, need to reconciled, etc. etc. But still the majority of traders rely on traditional TA alone, rather than studying and understanding price market structure, which is still considered very sophisticated, if considered at all. Today you have more tools, but still 95% of traders are loss-making.

Wonder why? In short, the simple ways of the past and modern TA tools and indicators are not capable of consistently identifying low-risk setups. Plus the available reward/risk ratios are relatively low. There is no “promised paradise” in such conditions.

Markets have changed
Now if you add on top of this that the presence of automated Algorithms (Algos) has changed the markets in the last 20-30 years, traditional TA looks less useful than ever.

The markets have changed, what does it means for you and your trading? This means that high-volume financial instruments (futures, forex, stocks, bonds) now expose price behavior and a structure that can be leveraged to improve trading decisions;

So it is all bad news? No, not at all. It is good news instead. Yes because you can use that price structure to help you not only identifying reversal areas well in advance and with precision. You can do much more…

What can you Do by Knowing Price Structure?
You can identify level where participation from Algos is expected and then test those areas. These are areas of low-risk setups that can be timed in the smaller timeframe in a totally procedural fashion. I call this technique the FibStalking Timing and I have authored it.

Sounds complex or impossible? Not at all. When you master price structure analysis based on the effects of algorithms (Algos), your trading gets pushed to the top…to the level of the Elite 5% of professional traders, who make money consistently.

You Can Become a Consistent Trader
Becoming expert in recognizing effects of Algos on price and taking advantage of it is not difficult. Anyone can do it. There’s just a specific process a set of tasks or “formula”, if you like it, that you have to follow.

A formula that most people are clueless about, as they are of the overwhelming presence and power of Algos and Program Trading (a peculiar family of algorithms) that can be leveraged for consistent gains and to create and maintain a prolonged trading success…

The playing field is completely level on this matter. People I work with come to me telling they have never witnessed my method. Trading based on effects of Algos on price is little known, if know at all by retail traders.

A lot of unique, effective and proprietary research has gone into this field to which I have dedicated over 10,000 hours since 2006, almost half of my total market exposure of 18,000 hours. I am an IFTA associate with 3 published papers and a 4th one to be published in July.

But isn’t trading difficult?
Trading is difficult only if you try to trade according to non-grounded market behaviors. TA has nothing to do with market behavior and price structure. An indicator or signal derived by one or more indicators are only representation of statistical tables of failure and success with a random probability.

Add mistakes, discording signals not reconciled consistently, mistakes, costs of trading, lack of discipline, lack of risk and money management and you should not be surprised that 95% of traders lose money in the markets (yes, confirmed, that is the number — I demonstrated it in my free webinar: “How to get and stay into the Elite 5%” , see below)

I suggest the full series of webinars on

See when you stop trading the non-sense you can be successful without having years of experience in the markets. And actually the lesser the experience, the easier is to grasp the counter-intuitive concepts in the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program.

Can You Really Make it?
My honest and helpful suggestion for you, if you want to start or re-start in trading, is to have a look at the benefits of the 7 months Program, and what it means for your trading. You can learn how to identify levels of potential participation from Algos and then how to time the reversal setups procedurally, with no initial money at risk and only after confirmation.

It does not get better than this. It is the market action itself “sucking you into” a valid position, aligned with the Psychology of the Markets. Plus you will learn to use proprietary tools and advanced techniques like the FibStalking Timing.

If you want to learn a complete approach to professional trading, including Advanced timing, analyzing and finally understanding price structure and what you can expect and anticipate on all timeframes, performing price discovery to know what is likely to happen consider joining my May 2015 session starting on Saturday May 30, 2015.

Learn to identify and validate solid, low-risk trading plans, write your own trading system based on the proven components that I will provide you with. In the program I will also help you finally installing a mental model to become a consistent trader.

You just have to know what the formula is and then follow it. I am making this formula available to a growing number of satisfied traders and at a price and with value that you will never seen again.

In fact, not only I am offering a discount but a new intraday trading system and value for $2,000 on top of the Coaching Program. Check my offer here. It all ends on May 29, 2015:

–> May 2015 Offer for the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program – DONT’ MISS IT! <–

As usual, let me know what you think by leaving an email at: fibstalker at or a post on my blog.

Below the link to my newsletter if you want to learn more about my methods and my edge in the markets.

Have a great day.

The FibStalker Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker


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FibStalker is back to business and… the GodFather May 2015 Offer!

Dear all,

hope you are well.

I have not posted in the blog since a month and a half, now. But I re-started my activity two weeks ago when I came back from my trip to Italy.

Gorgeous trip, but now… back to business!

Fibstalker.... back to business!

Fibstalker…. is now back to business!

I want to let you know that I have launched the GodFather Offer, an offer that you cannot refuse!

This is related to my FibStalker Methods Coaching Program (session starting at the end of May) which is based on the methods I have learned and researched since 2006 and now enrolling for its 3rd session. I am very pleased with the results I am reaching with my students and their trading results. It is not common for the best students to be averaging 15%+ every month.

The reason why is called the GodFather Offer is because I have packed so much value in it, that it is insane to let it slip now.

If you are interested in the FibStalker Methods, this is the right time to join in. The price is discounted and I have added on top of the Program an additional $2,000 of value in other courses and additional support (e.g. one-to-ones).

Particularly if you take my offer now, I will throwing in my FibStalker Intraday System that I will start teaching in September. And you will be invited and will get a double-jumpstart on everyone. The first one with the FibStalker Methods, and the second with the Intraday System (worth alone more than $1,000).

If you are interested, have a look at the –> GodFather May 2015 Offer from FibStalker <–

Don’t miss it. You are not going to get these prices any more! It’s the last call…

Have a great week ahead!



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“First Anniversary of the Toronto Forex Meetup Group” – February 23, 2015


Michael Yeung, Chris Lori and Giuseppe Basile at the first anniversary of the Toronto group

Dear all,

today has published the news and pictures of the celebration of the one-year anniversary of our meetup in Toronto. Chris Lori was with us and we had a great time. Thank you all who participated to the even.  Want to see how we celebrate it? Read more 😉

At the Toronto Forex Meetup we’ve always worked to help participants learn to become a better trader thanks to the insights, reports and webinars of our guests, working with some of the best Forex experts and professionals. With the creation of the Toronto Forex Meetup and the other meetups FXStreet collaborates with FibStalker Trading and other contributors, to connect the online world with the real world, that is, you with the professionals!

Take advantage of all the upcoming events this March. You can also join the LIVE version of FXStreet. March is going to be another very exciting month and I will host David Franklin, a self-made trader who will share how he trades and how he sees his trading business.

What happens in Toronto, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg, have a look at the agenda in the other locations around the world and book your seat!

Happy trading and non-trading week.

See you soon!


Author of: FibStalker Methods Coaching Program


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“How to Get into and Stay in the Elite 5%”, upcoming Webinar on FXStreet – February 12, 2015

Dear Traders,

It’s free…

This Friday I will be offering a free Webinar on I will explain who is the Elite 5% and what they do that we cannot do along with what we can leverage and use in our trading from knowing what is it that they do.

I will also offer proof that what it is said about the 95% crowd of retail traders, who do not obtain consistent results (which means losing money in the long run) it is actually true, although the industry makes every effort to try to hide this fact.

I will also talk about the mistakes that the 95% loss-making retail traders typically do in several areas.

I will close the webinar on a positive note explaining what we can do, as retail traders, to go from the 95% into the Elite 5% and stay there.

As usual the webinar will be packed with quality content, I will review live charts using the way I model Algos to frame price structure and for discovery in high-volume markets, and will be rich in practical no non-sense type of advices a tips.

This webinar will give you insights about how to become successful in trading, understand how the Elite 5% operates and what and how you can take advantage of some of the things the Elite knows and does to practically strengthen your trading edge.

The webinar will be this Friday at 8AM EST (1PM GMT). The details and the links to register are below. This event if FREE…

20150212_get and stay in the Elite_webinar

Register here.

See you tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,,,


Author of: FibStalker Methods Coaching Program

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FXStreet Forex Toronto Meetup celebrates 1 year of activity with Chris Lori! – January 30, 2015

Dear all,

One year has passed since I accepted the call from Francesc Riverola, CEO of, to co-organize and lead the FXStreet Forex Meetup in Toronto.

It has been great and rewarding time and this February we are going to celebrate this first year!

And what better way to do it with a model athlete and institutional trader.

Few people can claim what Chris Lori has achieved in sport, life and trading!

Meet the man here: and here:

And do not forget to subscribe to Chris website and newsletter on his website:

In the next very exciting Meetup, taking place next Thursday in Toronto, at the Sheraton Hotel Centre at 6.30pm, Chris will talk about the relations between Volatility and Liquidity in the Forex markets. Particularly how FX positions of large institution affect liquidity.

20150130_Chris Lori meetup

Find more information on the Meetup and Chris’ speech here below:

“In this live presentation, Chris Lori, CTA and Institutional Fund Manager, will discuss the mechanics of liquidity in the institutional back office and its delivery to the  broader FX market. Chris will share how the investment bank clients FX positioning affects liquidity and price movement, and how price defines his own trading model. There will be a focus on volatility, price relationships and reaction points that would be of interest to short or longer term traders. Chris will also shed light on the process one can engage to build a more intimate understanding of specific price behaviors.  Whether you trade using mathematical models, price behaviors, or other, the information coming from an experienced FX asset manager will be of interest to all traders. ”

If you live in the Torotno GTA (Great Toronto Area) or not to far from it, you may want to consider joining us at the Meetup. The monthly meetups will be kindly hosted by CMC Markets, the leading forex broker.

Register to the FXStreet Forex Toronto Meetup today and come to meet like-minded people, share knowledge, get your questions answered and learn more about trading and forex directly from the pros. You will be having lots of fun in the process and will be our guest after the event for a free drink .

We are going to meet every month at the Sheraton Hotel Centre for an hour or so of learning with engaging content and Forex practitioners, presentations. After the meeting we will move to a closer pub to continue talking about Forex, sharing our battles, our hurdles, small and big wins in trading and having fun. This is a free event and to all participants every month CMC Markets will be offering the first round of drinks after the meetup!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker


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“Vote on FXStreet!!”, January 23, 2015

Dear Traders,

It is with great pleasure that I have learned that has candidated me in this year’s Awards in the category “Best Educators”.


Please cast your vote here. And if you think I am helping with what I do, go ahead and trust me with your vote 😉

If not, write me at and let me know what I can improve.

Particularly, let me know what you would like me to do more, to do less or stop doing, or to keep doing.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,,,


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