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Invite to upcoming Webinar on FXStreet, next Tue Jan 20, 2014

Join me in Discovering how Algos and Fundamentals can affect price of major markets this year..

Tue Jan 20th What to anticipate in 2015

Next Tuesday I will analyze for you the major global markets (Forex, Equities, Gold and Oil) and show how Algos are currently positioned. I will also discuss how the 5 global macro factors are will be affecting economies and currencies in 2015.

In the webinar I will answer all the questions you may have.

I will be waiting for you…. Write down the date: Tue, Jan 20 2015 13:00 GMT

The details of my new FXStreet Webinar are hereunder:

Title of Webinar: “Algos Positioning and Fundamentals: What to Anticipate in 2015

Summary: “I will apply my price analysis and discovery techniques based on how classes of Algorithms affect price of major global markets and share what to anticipate in 2015. Each major market (including S&P500, Gold, Oil and major forex pairs) will be also briefly analyzed in light of the 5 global macro factors currently affecting economies and currencies.”

To Register click here.

Hope to see you there,


New Year 2015 Resolution:
“Learn to Trade like Algorithms in Modern Markets”

This Year Explore New Ways to Conquer the Forex Market….

As the new year kicks in it’s time to apply the new resolutions we all have made for 2015!

And what better way to start the new year in Forex trading with doing things differently ?

Yes, if you ask me, this is the key to effectiveness. I constantly research and refine new ways to help retail traders taming and conquering modern markets.

Learn ‘Why Doing Things Differently in 2015 is Important…’

Have a great weekend,

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