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“Practical Considerations on the effects of HFT on price” Webinar recording now available – November 5, 2014

Dear Friends!

Yesterday I held a Webinar for FXStreet.com titled “Practical Considerations on the effects of HFT on price“.

In the webinar I have touched on the following 4 points:

  • I have  provided a brief introduction on HFT (High Frequency Trading) and how it matters to us
  • Presented the major effects of HFT on market price and price structure (very important)
  • Touched briefly on the “war” between algorithms in the market
  • Closed with an example of HFT “disturbing” a well-formed setup of a Program Trading algos.

Why am I so interested in HFT if, as retail traders, we cannot leverage them to our advantage? HFT algos run on specialize technical infrastructure and networks that are attached  to the main electronic exchanges. Therefore, there is no way we can compete with HFT.

However it is important to know HFT and study what are its effects on price. Particularly HFT behavior is capable of modifying price structure and can “help” Market Crashes!!! This is why there is a lot of talking about HFT and whether they are “socially useful”.

The debate surrounding high frequency trading has become increasingly heated, reflecting the varied perspectives on the ability (and desirability) of high frequency traders to move faster (and on the basis of potentially greater information) than other traders. In the past I have written about the contrarian view represented by Paul Krugman represents on HFT.

But my interest in HFT – like my interest in trading – is practical. Why am I worried of HFT? Because I know how it can have impact and skew my edge.

And what is my edge? If you do not know my work you may not know that I model effects of classes of Algorithms (other than HFT) on price. By doing that I can understand if/when/where Algos participates on price.

At the end of last year I have studied a typical example of how HFT can “disturb” my trading setups. If you are interested you can read here the full article on the battle of HFT versus Program Trading.


There are only few things that can be proven or are true about the markets. One of these is the existence of algorithms (which trade a very high volume, in some cases more than 80%) and they work on all time frames, in high volume markets, with clearly observable effects on price. And I am not talking only about HFT (High Frequency Trading) here.

The good news is that we can leverage the Algos (other than HFT) on price and and obtain a powerful edge that can significantly improve our rate of success. Something that the application of Traditional Technical Analysis will never be able to provide.

Have a look at how in the brief summary of this webinar.

“I will provide a brief introduction to HFT (High Frequency Trading) and some definitions. I will then elaborate on 2 major effects of HFT on the markets. First is the effect on price structure and how it changes. I will then touch on the underlying “war” between classes and families of algorithms (not only HFT). I will conclude with the effects of HFT on methods that attempt to frame price structure and show a real market example – during planned news – and what can happen in those cases.”

So, if you haven’t had the time and the opportunity to watch yesterday’s webinar  you can watch it here below:

20141105_practical considerations webinar

Click here to watch the webinar recording here, and then let me know what you think about it.

Have a good day all.

To your success, rooting for you…




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“A New Philosophy for Trading Success in Modern Markets” Webinar recording now available, October 20, 2014

Dear Friends!

Last week I held a Webinar for FXStreet.com. The title of the webinar is “A New Philosophy for Trading Success in Modern Markets“.

In it I explained how badly do we need a new Philosophy to trade successfully the markets nowadays. The webinar also covers the content of my Workshop I presented at the Toronto MoneyShow last Thursday.

The content of this webinar is important. Why? Well, if you look at the results of the average trader, as well as the majority of traders, you would immediately think that we are much in need for new and effective ways of analyzing, reading and trading the markets differently.

Actually, over 90% of traders lose consistently in the markets. Moreover, 22% of Forex traders do not use any kind of hard stop (recent data shared from OANDA, one of the largest Forex brokers in the world).

So doing things differently is key is a much needed substantial change. And as we do thing differently we must look at the reality of modern markets. Markets have changed and in trading we must employ ways of reading price that are grounded in the way the modern markets work.

There are only few things that can be proven or are true about the markets. One of these is the existence of algorithms working on all time frames, in high volume markets, and their observable effects on price. I am not talking about HFT (High Frequency Trading) here. Those work only on the smaller timeframes and there is really nothing we can do about them.

Can we leverage that and obtain a edge that can significantly improve our rate of success? Yes we can. And anyone can once the rules to model effects of algos on price are known.

Have a look at how in the brief summary of this webinar.

“I will introduce a revolutionary and effective way of thinking, analyzing and trading price dynamics and reading price structure, as well as obtaining information through price discovery. I will talk about the richness of information in price brought about by classes of algorithms in modern markets. I will then touch on the 13 points of my philosophy in trading, the 11 ways of doing things differently, the 7 Pillars of Trading Success in modern trading and the 4 major steps I follow in my trading. This webinar is going to challenge what you believe about trading and what can be done without traditional technical analysis, and the complexity of its rules. This is not for the faint of heart.”

If you haven’t had the time and the opportunity to watch the webinar just yet, do it. It’s an eye opener. I had people very excited coming to me after the Toronto MoneyShow Workshop.

Maybe there is a good reason… 😉

Watch the webinar recording here, and then let me know what you think about it.

20141020_New Philosophy webinar recording

Have a good day all.

To your success, rooting for you…



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“Fallacy of Technical Analisys” Webinar recording now available on FXStreet.com, September 24, 2014

Dear Friends!

The webinar I offered in Yesterday morning at FXStreet.com is now available for you to view at your own convenience and time.

Find the recording of “Fallacy of Technical Analysis” Webinar here.

I promise, you will find this webinar not only very informative, but it will catch your attention (especially when I tell attendees that “statistically they are all losers, plus they are gamblers” 🙂 ).

This webinar may well also be the firs step of your transformational journey towards successful trading.

If you do not believe it, just watch it, and come back to me.

Otherwise, just take the “blue pill” and continue using and trying to make traditional Technical Analysis work.

Watch the webinar recording here, and then let me know what you think about it.

20140924_Fallacy of Technical Analysis_webinar

Have a good day all.

To your success, rooting for you…



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Next Tuesday 14, 12:00 GMT, free Webinar “Fallacy of Technical Analisys and Market’s Review” on FXStreet.com, September 18, 2014

Hello Traders,

hope things are going well and your week is going well.

I am preparing my next Webinar that I will be offering next week on Tuesday September 23rd on FXStreet.com, the largest global Forex portal.

If you are looking at a different and effective way of looking at the markets, and wonder why you often are in the red with your trades, or you just want to bring your risk management to the next level, then next week’s webinar may be for you. I will be talking about the Fallacies of Technical Analysis and how looking at Algorithms Footprints, my own trading edge, as well as using the FibStalker Methods can dramatically help improving your trading results.

I am happy I will have the opportunity to share some of my research, which has practical impacts on my analysis and trading, and I firmly believe it can help you in your trading journey.

The webinar will be next Tuesday September 18, 2014 12:00 GMT (8am Toronto time).

See details below:

20140918_fallacy of TA and market review webinar
 Here below is the webinar’s summary: “In the first part I will discuss some of the fallacies of traditional Technical Analysis and why most common trading methods fail to provide effective trading plans. This problem is solved by studying the overwhelming presence of algorithms in high volume, modern markets, which also enables price discovery and procedural test of areas support and resistance. In the second part I will analyze the effects of algorithms on price of major Forex pairs and other markets requested by participants.”

To register for free to “Fallacy of Technical Analysis and Live Market’s Review” Webinar, follow the link below:

Click here to register for the webinar…

I hope you enjoy it, along with its fresh and useful information. This webinar will be dense of “HAHA” moments, and I am sure you will learn a lot and even develop a different view and more insights on markets’ price structure and why traditional Technical Analysis will not make you successful.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Have a great long weekend.
Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker

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Tomorrow’s free Webinar at 12:00 GMT on ‘Advanced Risk Management’ on FXStreet.com, August 13 2014

Hello Traders!

FibStalker here.

I would like to remind you about the free Webinar I am going to offer tomorrow
Thursday August 10, at 12:00 GMT on FXStreet.com. You can subscribe hereunder:


I will touch on the basic of risk management and then dive into the more advanced

What are you plans? Are you going to do things differently, in order to become
part of the group of the elite 5% of winning traders, or do you eventually
“plan” to lose all the money you commit to trading?

Of course, if you are an experienced trader, you have already good risk and
money management in place. But even in that case, I promise there is something
new to learn and the webinar will offer a “HA-HA” experience for the majority of participants.

I will show Van Tharp’s CPR Formula for Traders, and then get into more advanced topics looking at practical, professional, Risk and Money Management best practices.

I will talk about: trading in the right direction, price structure and risk, risk-free
trades, not entering too late, partial profits, position sizing changes,
entering setups in steps to further limit risk and boost gains, super-charging
profits, market’s money, money layers, and more…

So do not miss my Webinar on “Advanced Risk Management for Success in Modern Markets”
tomorrow Thursday August 14, at 12:00 GMT. Subscribe below:

Here below is the webinar’s summary:
” Risk management is an integral part of trading. Traders often focus only on the method element of the equation. I will touch on the basics, like the ‘CPR for traders’, then focus on practical risk management that takes into account modern price structure and is grounded in the way the markets work. This includes accounting for fundamental truths like, “the markets can do anything”. Finally, I will show how even risking 1% per trade will make you wealthy, by getting aggressive on other people’s money.”

To register for the free “Traditional and new uses of Fibonacci in Modern Markets” webinar, follow the link below:


I like to hear your ideas. Just comment below or send an email to fibstalker@gmail.com and let me know what you think.
I read and answer each mail personally.

I am confident the content of the Webinar will help to bring your trading to the next level.

I look forward to seeing you there.

To your success,


Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker

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Invite from FXStreet.com, June 17 2014

FXStreet Logo

Monthly Webinar this Thursday

Dear trader,

We’ve brought in Analyst Giuseppe Basile, CMT, for an exclusive almost 3 hours webinar! This is a two part series and that will be on Thursday, June 19th.

In “Thinking and trading like modern algos” and “How “secretive” program trading incorporates market psychology”, Giuseppe Basile will show us a major class of algos that strongly influences modern market and the “invisible” Program Trading.

The webinar is made of two parts: the first part is open to all users for free and the second part is for Premium users only.

PART 1: Thinking and trading like modern algos – FREE – 13:00 GMT / 9:00 am EDT

In the first part of our Monthly webinar, we will look at how forex market price moves and compare to how the average trader thinks the market moves. We will then turn focus on Program Trading, a major class of algos that strongly influences modern markets, and how we can model it. Finally we investigate the stages of a trader, what is trading all about and choosing consistency and risk acceptance.

Register Now

PART 2: How “secretive” program trading incorporates market psychology – Premium – 15:00 GMT / 11:00 am EDT

In the second part of the Monthly Webinar, we review a simple, but very effective setup CME floor traders brought into computer-based trading in the late 80s. Then we will focus on the “invisible” Program Trading, that silently adapted to mimic market psychology and I will show jaws dropping long-term charts that show how the rules used by Program Trading could be applied in the last 110 years. Those same rules can put you in the elite 5% of regularly consistent winners.

Register Now

Not a Premium member? More information


Giuseppe Basile
Giuseppe is a Certified Market Technician and swing trader, IFTA and SIAT associate. Holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and a MA in Finance. In the markets since 2001, became trader and mentor in 2007. Studied with several traders in UK, Europe and US, adding over 7,000 hours of screen time between 2009 and 2013 alone. In 2012 launched FibStalker, a blog specializing in forex, futures and stocks trading, where he also runs a free newsletter and publishes daily videos with actual setups and complete trading plans.

Giuseppe’s unique method attempts to spotting footprints of Program Trading, a powerful class of algos that governs the markets. Giuseppe is a rigorous researcher with several published papers about money management, automated trading, HFT and innovative timing and trading methods.

Watch Giuseppe’s previous webinars

* FXStreet webinars are run using Webex. If it’s the first time you attend a webinar on FXStreet, we recommand you to read our instructions.

This email does not constitute a solicitation for the purpose of buying or selling in the foreign exchange market. Although the information contained in the offered webinars comes from trusted sources, FXStreet is not responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or fitness of such sources. © 2014 \”FXStreet The Forex Market\” All Rights Reserved

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Watch my FXStreet.com Webinar on use of Fibonacci in Modern Markets, May 25 2014

Dear trader,

if you did not have the change to watch the Webinar I offered last Monday 19 on FXStreet.com and you are interested in traditional and new ways of using Fibonacci in Modern Markets, you can now watch the recording.

Just click on the image below:

Recording of Traditional and new uses of Fibonacci - FXStreet Webinar

Recording of “Traditional and new uses of Fibonacci in Modern Markets“- FXStreet Webinar

I send a free Newsletter in the weekend and provide updates throughout the week. The newsletter typically includes 3 video reviews for (1) EUR/USD, Dollar Index, S&P500 emini and Gold emini; (2) the Japanese Yen majors, i.e. USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY; (3) the other majors: GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD. Please, register here to receive the free weekly newsletter.

If you want to receive the information I mention in the videos you can subscribe my free newsletter.

For your information, I have also presented some of the concepts I use in my trading in a recent webinar at FXStreet titled: “FibStalking: A Timing Technique to Test Support and Resistance”.

Thank you.

Have a great trading week!


The FibStalker Giuseppe, ~the FibStalker


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