Trading Method

(Italian version below)

Notice: this page is going through a refresh of content. The information below is still relevant but out of date. Please bear with me.

This page contains information on the trading method used in this blog for trading the EUR/USD cross, with reference to the CME Euro FX futures contract (6E). Please watch the brief videos hereunder:

Trading Method – Part 1:

Trading Method – Part 2:

Trading Method – Part 3:

Questa pagina contiene informazioni sul metodo di trading utilizzato in questo blog per il trading del cambio EUR/USD, con riferimento al contratto CME Euro FX futures (6E). La descrizione del metodo e’ fornita in una sequenza di 3 brevi video riportati qui sotto:

Trading Method – Parte 1:

Trading Method – Parte 2:

Trading Method – Parte 3:


3 responses to “Trading Method

  1. colin

    Hi Giuseppe, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your method and taking the time to make the videos.

    • thank you. I will keep sharing info on the method and the technique I call Fibonacci Stalking in the coming days/week..
      Hope you stay in touch.
      Kind Regards,,,

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