Trading Systems


Dear Visitor,

hereunder I provide information related to the trading systems & methods I use or I am developing.

I am always interested in your opinions, comments and feedback so please feel free to send your observations to: Thank you for your interest.

Hereunder you can find the systems and method (link on name, if present, leads to the related page).

Stocks Trading Systems & Methods

Forex Methods

  • Euro Cash/Hedge Method
  • Euro Trader Basic for Forex
  • Euro Trader Plus for Forex
  • Euro Trader Long-Term
  • Measured Moves & Fibonacci Stalking Method for Forex (see examples of analysis in the Blog’s Forex page)

Futures Methods

  • Euro Trader Basic System
  • Euro Trader Plus System
  • Measured Moves Trading Method for Futures (see examples of analysis in the Blog’s Futures page)
  • US 30-year Bonds and 10-year Notes Trading Long-term Methods (third-party)
  • Euro Trend-following Intermediate Method (third-party)

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